We’re excited to welcome a brand new startup into our fintech community.

What makes Carrots Money unique?

Carrots Money targets millennial women. Why? Because soon these women will possess a significant portion of financial wealth in Australia. Millennial women in this country tend to be go-getters, university educated, and the force behind shifts in the social attitudes of and towards women.

With over 2.5 million women between the ages of 22 and 35, millennial women will grow to control $2.4AUD trillion over the next 30 years. Despite this remarkable shift, millennial women display financial anxiety. They’ve got multiple accounts, loans, bills and investment options at their fingertips, and live in an era where spending money is as easy as ‘tap and go’.

But with access to all of this, it can be easy to get lost in the chaos.

How does Carrots Money solve this problem?

Carrots Money takes the dizzying headache out of money management and streamlines it into one easy-to-use app — a financial champion in the pocket of millennial women.

Carrots Money lets you know how much you can spend, scans for more innovative products that are better suited to your needs, learns when your bills are due, and helps you set goals and invest. It’s visually appealing, designed with the user in mind, and easy to use.

During their time at Stone & Chalk, Carrots will look to furthering diversity in fintech and empowering their target market through programs such as Women in Fintech and working with Head Over Heels.

Welcome to the family, Carrots Money!

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