Our Company

Who are we?

Stone & Chalk is the largest fintech hub in Asia and is already the “centre of gravity” for fintech in Australia. As a not for profit organisation, Stone & Chalk takes no equity in the startups it supports and is therefore a truly independent and trusted partner for all stakeholders. Grounded on a “give first” philosophy, Stone & Chalk has attracted corporate membership from 21 large Australian and global corporates and governments.

Who do we work with

What do we do?

Our proposition is focused on helping startups to commercialise and to scale through collaboration with large organisations around the world. After just eighteen months of operations, S&C now houses over 300 entrepreneurs working in over 60 fintech startups that have already collectively raised over AU$101 million in funding and employed an additional 50 people. However, the true measure of success at S&C is not the amount of st artups and partners involved, it is the quality of these startups and partnerships that truly define our unique proposition.

Where can you find us?

Level 2
AMP Tower, 50 Bridge St
Sydney NSW

Office Hours:
Monday- Friday